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Adult Ministry

Sunday School
Outreach and Missions

Adult Ministry

Worship – Psalm 14:3 says “Great is the LORD, and highly to be praised, And His greatness is unsearchable.” God is worthy of praise which flows from our lives and our lips. Through our weekly times of worship, we seek to live out this truth through song, prayer and the preaching and application of God’s Word.

Sunday School – We believe that being part of a small group setting through Sunday School is the most effective way to grow in relationship to God through His Word and relationship to others through small groups who seek to share life, support each other and serve alongside each other. We encourage
everyone to be a part of Sunday School for these reasons.

Fellowship – Each Sunday School class at IBC is encouraged to engage in one fellowship opportunity per quarter. Many of our other missions and ministry opportunities lend themselves to great fellowship as well.

Outreach & Missions – We seek to structure the ministry efforts of IBC to involve as many of our people as possible in outreach and missions opportunities. We want to show the life-changing love of Christ in word and deed.